In a world where consoles pop out of nowhere, there is a must to take a closer look on each one of them so that we will know if they are really great or not. Every time a new console comes out in the market, we are always excited to know how it differs from the rest. What makes it unique? What is it that it has to offer that we have never seen before? Is it an upgrade from the previous ones that we have all learned to love already? For this review, we are going to focus on Xbox One which was released by Microsoft.


Xbox has undergone a lot of transformations that it has become difficult to top the previous version. However, Microsoft also continues to evolve and with its new Xbox One, it has shown that it can still make a lot of great consoles in a short span of time. If you think that Xbox 360 has ended an era, you are wrong. Xbox One managed to give us a new wonder that we will never forget. Gaming has just gotten better because of what this console has to offer.

The design of the console is very classic and convenient because it can blend with the other elements included in your entertainment center. Also, it is very easy to carry with you without worrying about its fragility. The visual aesthetic of the console is one of the favourites of the people who have already bought the product. Some people think that it lacks the space-saving feature of the previous versions but some find it just right. One of the reasons why it is larger than Xbox 360 is because it also has a larger Kinect sensor that you will surely enjoy.

It is the only console that you need because it already has a Blu-ray drive where you can keep all the programs that you want. You would not have to carry a second device with you which can be very stressful. Because of the internal drive that it has, you will surely be able to install a lot of games. Another thing that you will surely enjoy is the controller of the console. It looks familiar with the Xbox 360 but certain modifications have also been made to make it more comfortable for the player to hold.

Finally, you should see the user interface of Xbox One. The experience has been made more fun and interactive so that you will really feel that you are living in your own virtual world. The library was made to be more organized so that your applications can easily be seen. Icons look more fabulous and managing things will be more fun. The interface is faster and you will rarely be experiencing glitches. This console truly is the revolutionized version of Xbox 360. What are you waiting for? Microsoft was able to surpass your expectations with this kind of system. So what do you think which one is better a monster gaming PC or Xbox comment below.