Radiator is an important part of a computer. Gaming PC owners should always endeavor to use the best radiator fans. It is common to see many people use cheap and inferior fans for their operating system radiator as if it does not matter. If they know the relevance of radiator fans, they will choose a better one. Without a functional fan, your radiator is nothing but a reservoir for hot water. When your operating system is running, it may not necessarily need a fan because air circulates to the computer engine. If it slows down, it requires a fan to cool the system. When it circulates enough air into the radiator, this will, in turn, cool your computer or laptop. If you do not use a good a fan radiator, your engine could become overheat and this could affect the smooth running of your personal computer. You, therefore, see the need to use the best functional fans for your radiator. It will prolong your system lifespan, makes very smooth, and function optimally.

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best radiator fans Radiator fans perform a useful function in any operating system especially your computer. Usually, it pushes air through the radiator, or it can pull air through it as well. Fans are designed to perform a unique purpose, and these are for different operating systems. Irrespective of the sizes, these perform the basic functions. It can draw extra air to your computer.

When you are thinking of radiation fans, it is important to note that what constitutes a good fan may not be the same thing with what makes a good radiator fan. In determining the radiator type fans for your pc, several factors should come into play. It is important to understand the fan specifications. An important factor to consider here is the maximum airflow to the fan. Airflow is calculated in Cubic Feet per Minute or CFM.

There are other specifications to consider as more manufacturers have entered the market, and these come with more features. Because of that, more features are now included such as static air pressure. High static air pressure is important because it determines the performance of such radiator fans. Static flow determines the direct airflow, as well as how the fan focuses on the radiator. This makes it a perfect for cooling your radiator, especially those with a densely packed fin. Moreover, modern radiator producers are more interested in making quieter running fans.

Things To Consider Before Buying The Best Radiator Fans

Selecting the best fans for the radiator is not an easy choice to make. Several factors make a perfect product. Static pressure is an important consideration. It will not be enough to concentrate on the static pressure alone when making your choice. Several other factors are necessary, and many such determining factors will be analyzed here. Here is the list of the important factors to consider when you are buying a computer radiator fan:

You have to research to discover the fan model that guarantees constant airflow to your computer hardware system. The fan will be blowing and cooling the system. Faced with the option of selecting the best model, you can consider any of the models listed below and make your choice according to your preferences. When you get the appropriate fan, it ensures that your computer does not break down as it guarantees constant airflow, which is good for the smooth running of your operating system.

When the issue of rotational speed is considered, it refers to the revolutions in makes per minute. The rotational speed, therefore, must work with the static fan pressure to determine the quality of air that will be admitted to the hard drive of the system. While speed is essential, some people also have to decide between noise and speed. When the fan is speedy, it makes noise, but when it is slower, it does not make noise. The problem is that when it is running very fast, it will guarantee sufficient airflow to the system and it will make noise in the process. This is not the case when the fan does not make noise. It will not work at a faster speed, and this means that the airflow might not be sufficient and it can affect the efficiency of the operating system.

Fan size is equally important when you are making your choice. The size also determines the speed, noise level as well as the efficiency. If you want a more efficient fan that can make for constant airflow, then you can opt for a bigger one. The fan speed also determines the longevity. If the fan runs at a constant speed all the time, the lifespan could be affected. To address this problem, many makers now introduce circuits and sensors. These are just there to control the speed. In the process, they ensure that adequate air is admitted to the system. It also prolongs the lifespan of the fan. The sensors and circuits ensure that the fan is always running at the appropriate temperature.

The factor that determines the quality of the fan is the motor the drives it. If you want a fan that can last a long time, then you must consider the motor quality to make the correct choice. You do not use a cheaper motor, because it can underperform when there is heavy humidity. The worst is that inferior engine can disappoint you when you need it most. Because of that, you should opt for superior quality fans. Look for those that were tested and proven worthy. Superior quality fans are durable, and they can work optimally under different conditions. Irrespective of the weather such fans will cool your operating system very well.

Another factor to consider is the fan diameter. When you are making your choice, you must opt for the best diameter. Ensure that you get a diameter that can cover the radiator core. Look for fans that are large enough, and which will fit easily into the hood. Measure everything to ensure that it fits very well. The most important factor here is to look for fan diameter that can cover the radiator and provide efficient cooling.

When you are making your choice, look for those with high static pressure. These are better because they ensure that air circulates well through the system including those restricted spaces. There is the need for air to penetrate to such places where there is a good as in the case of the heatsink. Static pressure is very important, and it is better than airflow. While airflow is very important, you have to be wary of static pressure. Look for a product that guarantees this. Your operating will be better, functional and deliver better service.

You require a fan with shroud. This is because it will ensure that there is sufficient airflow and the air actually travels to the radiator core where it is needed. Shroud guarantees an efficient cooling system. The shroud drives the air through the system. Without it, most of the air generated by the fan will be blown away; it will not get to the radiator core when it is needed most.

best radiator fans

Which Type Of Fan To Buy?

The first thing you have to do is deciding the type of fan to buy. There are two major types on the market. There are different fan models on the market. You have to compare the various models to make a perfect choice. The speed of the fan depends on the speed of the hard drive. If the drive runs faster, the fan will be fast, but if it slower, the fan will be slow. This type may not be the best, especially when the engine is idle; it means that the fan will not be running. It could overheat the hard drive, and the computer may not perform optimally.

You have seen the quality of a good fan. It is always advisable to maintain a balance between all these factors mentioned above. PWM functionality is a critical factor. If you make the best choice, you are going to enjoy the perfect working of your computer radiator.

Choose Between Shaped And Straight Fans

This aspect is very important because it affects airflow & noise level. It depends on whether you prefer airflow to noise or vice versa. If you want to use a straight fan, then it’ll deliver sufficient air, but it’ll be making noise. On the other hand, if you go for the S shaped fan, it makes less noise but airflow is not as what you get from the other type. The choice to make here will depend on your hard drive. If the major concern with your computer is overheating, then you should go for those that maximize airflow.

Choosing Static Pressure v. High Airflow

Furthermore, you have to contend with the issue of using static pressure fans or high airflow for PC. If the system is not facing any resistance, then it is good to use high airflow because it will ensure the smooth functioning of the drive. If on the other hands that there is resistance on the way, then it is better to use static pressure fan. This is a problem. If you want the best for your radiator, then you should select the best fan that can do the job for you.


Various radiator fans models are available on the market. These have different quality. Selecting the best is not easy. The aim of this guide is to simplify the process for you. After going through this review, even a novice will not find it hard to select the perfect radiator fans.

Top 7 120mm Best Radiator Fans

Best Value

What we liked

  • There is no fan that can compare with this radiator fan; this is because of its great airflow and unparalleled ability.
  • The best 120mm fans for radiator are greatly produced and look wonderful and great products and blades are very efficient.
  • The fan is not difficult to install and it is light to use. Installation does not take more than two minutes to be accomplished.
  • The fan is durably constructed and it guarantees sufficient airflow at any time you use it. It is a quality brand from a great company.
  • It is easy to install, works perfectly well, and features two years warranty.

Corsair SP120 RGB LED, 120mm High Performance RGB LED single fan, no controller


  • Perfect static pressure cooling and uses LED illumination
  • Superior performance and better than usual case fans
  • Meant for higher pressure air delivery to the radiator
  • It features two-year warranty
  • The product features LED lit translucent as well as frosted fan blades
  • It is specifically fabricated fan blades and features sleeved bearing system, which makes less noise

It features a custom designed blade and these are translucent. The texture is great and it can boast of four LED’s coming from the system. This has a dramatic effect. The product is great for restricted space. If you want the best fan for your computer radiator, you can always opt for this product. It is the best for general purpose ventilation. Many people are happy with the product, but the major complaint they have against it is the high noise level. Any investment you make here is worth it.

What we do not liked

  • The product can make a rattling noise; many people do not like this
  • It uses an inferior quality plastic material and because of that, it can spoil easily.
  • The fan is well designed and it works very well. It pushes air directly to the compartment and that is why it will always an efficient cooling system.

What we liked

  • Corsair LL RGB series case fan comes with sixteen RGB LED lights.
  • The lights are controllable.
  • At 1000 RPM fan speed, it performs quietly.
  • The RPM can be adjusted in different ranges.
  • It offers powerful lighting and superb airflow.

What we do not liked

  • This fan is relatively expensive than the other fans.
  • As a radiator fan, it offers moderate performance.

Corsair LL Series LL120 RGB 120mm Dual Light Loop RGB LED PWM Fan Single Pack

It’s 2023 and time to say goodbye to the LED stripes for PC, which come with Bluetooth controller. Now it’s time for RGB products, which supports all the motherboard lightings. Corsair is a leading manufacturer of RGB Products which have both lighting controllers and software drivers. It comes with two separate sets of devices-

  • Corsair utility engine, and
  • Corsair link

Corsair utility engine controls the gaming peripherals where the corsair link controls the components inside the PC casing.

Corsair LL RGB fan comes with two loops of lighting. The 120 mm fan pack is an absolute value for money that have a moderate budget for lighting and integration.


  • The fan has a 120*120*25 mm dimension.
  • It provides maximum airflow of 43.25 CFM.
  • The 120 mm fan blade provides noise-free operation.
  • It comes with a hydraulic bearing.
  • Every user will get two years of manufacturing guarantee on this device.

So, if you are an RGB lover, the fan case from corsair is the most suitable option for you. As it has two different light loops, it can provide vibrant and dynamic lighting. The intelligent software makes sure; lighting reaches every corner of your PC simultaneously. With the superb controllable feature, this is the perfect RGB fan; anyone would love to have.

What we liked

  • The fan comes with complete materials required for mounting. It has self-tapping screws that are packaged with it when bought.
  • The fans’ silence while working under high pressure makes it efficient. Many customers prefer a fan that does not have a rattling sound. The fan is perfect for a customer who desires silence while working.
  • The fan has high static pressure. The pressure ensures sufficient air circulation through the PC, and it can work as an ordinary fan.
    It has inbuilt lights that are powered by a four-pin connector.
  • The fan can be mounted in any direction. The direction can either be horizontally or vertically as desired by the customer.

What we do not liked

  • The fan has no default speed setting to make adjustments.
  • The fan does not have a variety of lighting colors.

Corsair ML 120 Pro LED, White, 120mm Premium magnetic Levitation cooling. Fan (CO-9050041-WW)

The fan is best suited for people seeking superior radiator cooling performance. It has the best features that ensure the efficient cooling of the radiator. Sufficient cooling of the radiator makes the machine last longer. It has a superior motor quality that enables it to work efficiently in all climatic conditions.  Its high pressure ensures sufficient air circulation to blow and cool the radiator. The fan also has a magnetic levitation cooling technology that controls its performance. The technology also makes the fan silent. The silence of the fan, while it works under high pressure and speed, makes it unique. This fan silently gives superior performance compared to other fans. Isn’t that cool?


  • The fan has radiating LED lighting with color customization. The customized color matches with the PC in white, blue, or red.
  • A unique feature about the fan is that it has magnetic and levitation technology. The technology guarantees reduced machine noise. You have to use a four-pin to achieve the magnetic levitation feature.
  • The fan also has 75 cubic feet per minute airflow. The airflow ensures an efficient cooling system and prolongs the lifespan of the system.
  • It has a custom rotor design. The design is efficient in helping the fan balance high static pressure and high airflow.
  • The fan also has an extensive control range. The control range helps to control the silence and performance of the fan.

What we liked

  • The fan comes in a lower price.
  • It provides a gorgeous look to your whole PC.
  • Eye catching LED ILLUMINATION
  • It is easy to set up and install.
  • It has a great cooling feature and construct to last.

What we do not liked

  • Packaging check
  • When the animation is played slowly, the individual LED becomes visible.

Vetroo 120mm Purple 15-LEDs Cooling Fan for Computer PC Cases, CPU Coolers and Radiators, 2-Pack

The market for RGB LED case fans is expanding. But we are not experiencing many good brands and quality fan cases. However, the fan case from Vetroo 120mm purple 15-LEDs is offering some best features recently. It comes with an affordable price and loads of functionalities. But it doesn’t support motherboard control. If you are looking for a fan case for motherboard control, you should go for Vetroo 15-LEDs 2 Pack.


  • The dimension of this fan case is 120*120*25mm.
  • The maximum noise level is 26db. It doesn’t make too much noise when running faster.
  • It comes with 7 fan blades, sleeved bearing system.
  • It has a DC 12V rating voltage.
  • The package comes with 2 cooling fans, 4 PC mounting screws, 2 years warranty and up to 50000 hours life span!. 

Overall, this is a good fan case and value for money. You will get both aesthetically attractive look and vibrant lighting with this fan case. Moreover, it comes with a year warranty, which gives you protection from buying a wrong or defective product.

What we liked

  • Many people liked the fact that the products make the least noise even when it operates at a maximum speed
  • It is available in different ring colors; this makes the issue of choice possible
  • The product guarantees an effective cooling system, because of the wonderful airflow
  • It is affordable, and you can buy two bundle fans, and this is good for upgraded computer engines

What we do not liked

  • Installation is not as easy as all the installation components such as NZXT 410 screws are not included.
  • It does not come with all the materials required for the installation.

Corsair ML120 Pro LED, White, 120mm Premium Magnetic Levitation Cooling Fan


  • The fan features a unique static pressure and this is great because it can make for an efficient cooling
  • It features 4 PIN PWM support, because of that, it can work at a very fast speed
  • The product features low pitch blades as well as seven wide body, these makes for optimal performance at a reduced noise level
  • The operation is easy and simple and this is because of the advanced hydraulic bearing system. The fan is highly reliable
  • It can be installed with standard screw and that will not affect the sound because of its rubberized corners
  • Produced to fit well, as it features a replaceable and colored ring

This is a great fan, and it features a low pitch blade with the wide body. In addition to that, the custom housing system makes it secured. If you want to have sufficient airflow to your operating system, you require this product. The rubberized corners ensure that it works efficiently at the reduced noise level. It works at an incredible speed, and this is attributed to the wonderful PWM support, which the system enjoys.

Most importantly, the fan enclosure system ensures that it distributes air right inside the duct. The product is also available in twin as well as the double pack, and this means that you can easily make your choice. It is obvious that this model is a wonderful product and it is recommended for those looking for the best.

What we liked

  • This fan is relatively quiet hence creates a conducive gaming environment.
  • Its unique technological design promotes a reduction in bearing friction and as a result, makes it highly efficient.
  • It has a modern motor designed specifically to allow longer, noise-free sessions.
  • The fan eliminates vibrations directly at source.

ARCTIC BioniX F120 – 120 mm Gaming Case Fan with PWM Sharing Technology (PST), Very quiet motor, Computer, 200–1800 RPM – White

It features an optimized fan blade design that allows high amounts of air to penetrate and flow thus producing less noise. This gives them a longer shelf life – a quality that makes them a better choice for most clients. If you’re looking for a quiet, yet dynamic fan for your machine, the ARCTIC Bionix F120 is a sure bet and is highly recommended.


  • Durability – The Bionix fans lasts up to four times longer since its coil produces very low temperatures.
  • It has an extended 10 years warranty.
  • It’s PWM Sharing Technology (PST) is responsible for the fan’s centralized control.

What we do not liked

  • Can produce unpleasant sounds at low load.

What we liked

  • The fan looks great and very attractive and many people like it for that.
  • In addition to that, it performs superbly fine, and it can work for more than three hundred thousand hours.
  • Most importantly, the fan makes the least noise and you can hardly know that the system is work.
  • The airflow of the system is perfect because of the design. It has fantastic features and you will have real value for your money when you use this great product.

What we do not liked

  • The major problem with the fan is the cost, it costs higher than other similar products, but the superior quality compensates for the cost.
  • The fan is very expensive but it performs better than several others out there because of the great features.

BL070 SILENTWINGS 3 PWM 120mm HIGH Speed 2200 RPM Cooling Fan


  • Great performing and the best pc radiator fans and noise ratio are minimal at 28.6dB and it operates at 2,200 rpm.
  • The fan makes use of a six-pole motor and features three phases. Because of that, it consumes less power and makes less noise when you are using it.
  • It features the most advanced fluid dynamic bearing system. This is an important aspect because it tends to prolong the fan life. The fan can work up to three hundred thousand hours.
  • In addition, the product features seven fan blades, and the surface structure is well optimized and this makes for a perfect airflow.
  • The 120mm fan frame is rubberized, and features a perfect air inlets system, this makes for superior air pressure.

It performs well because of the wonderful and smooth six poles motor. In addition to that, it features the most advanced fluid dynamic bearing and a perfect airflow system coupled with the optimized blade. It is certain from above that this product combines the most innovative features. The speed is exceptionally high and that is why it will always cool your radiator when you use it.

Be Quiet as you can see from the names makes the least noise. It is designed with state-of-the-art technology and that is why you are guaranteed perfect cooling when you use the system. The fan is an award-winning product and in terms of performance, there is hardly any other product that can compare with it.

Top 5 140mm Best Radiator Fans

What we liked

  • The first thing great with this product is the magnetic bearing, and this actually reduces the noise and enhances the performance.
  • In addition to that, magnetic devices increase the lifespan. When you use it, be sure that it can serve you for a very long time.
  • Another thing great with the product includes the custom designed rotor. Because of that, you can choose between high airflow and static pressure.
  • The product can hardly spoil and it is perfect to use it in any environment. Even if you use it in the most challenging environment, you will not find it difficult.
  • Furthermore, it features the most useful extensive control range. This makes it easy to control and customize the product in a way that can serve you most.
  • In terms of noise level, this fan is quiet to use. This is one of the best features as it quieter than several other models out there.
  • The fan is highly flexible to use as you can choose between high airflow and high static pressure. It is a unique product and several other fans are not produced this way.

Corsair ML140, 140mm Premium Magnetic Levitation Fan (2-Pack)


  • The fan features a magnetic bearing system and operates at magnetic levitation technology. Because of that it makes the least noise and performs better than several others out there
  • It features a custom rotor design, and because of that, it will always perform well and it balances well between high airflow and high static pressure. You can make your choice based on your needs.
  • Most importantly, it makes for an extensive control range. It operates at 1600 RPM control system makes for a perfect control and because of that, it makes the least noise.
  • It features a NASA designed computer fan, and because of the magnetic levitation feature, it can perform very well and do that at much-reduced noise.

What we do not liked

  • Some people are concerned about the noise level, which they claimed to be high.
  • Some people complain about the installation because of absence of screwing system.

The best 140 mm radiator fans 2018 are a superior quality fan and it is highly customizable. It is flexible to use as you can choose between static pressure and high airflow. The fan is going to serve you. It has the most extensive control range as well as perfect rotor system. When you use it, it will not disappoint you.

What we liked

  • High static pressure cooling and working LED illumination of the one of the best things about this product. It means that it can always deliver a perfect cooling system.
  • It is designed for restricted spaces. If space is your problem then you can always start with this product. It is considered the best for heatsink and radiator use. Furthermore, it guarantees sufficient airflow and it works at the least noise.
  • Perhaps the greatest aspect of the product is the reduced noise level. You can set the noise level, of the setting that suits you most.
  • It works at much reduced hard drive temperature, because of that; it will always guarantee a perfect cooling.

Corsair ML140 140mm PWM Magnetic Levitation Fan (CO-9050050-WW)


  • The 140mm fans is high static pressure and has LED illumination as it cools
  • It is set in such a way that you are guaranteed airflow delivery direct the radiator core. This ensures optimal performance of the hard drive.
  • The performance is unique, and greater and better than what you get in formal fans out there.
  • The fan blade is efficient and frosted. This makes for efficient cooling service. You can always have the dramatic effect when you use the product.
  • The fan blades are special as they are designed differently. It features a sleeved bearing system and when you it will reduce the noise level
  • In addition to that, the fan can boast of two years warranty. When you use this product, you will have real value for your money.

What we do not liked

  • The installation is supposed not be an issue but the problem is that some users complain that it does not come with the correct screw.

Corsair Air series is a great product. It is specifically designed such that it can deliver air in restricted space. It operates at high static pressure and because of that, it cools very well and fast. One thing great with the cooling system is that it uses LED indicators when it is cooling. It works very well and it delivers air right to the compartment.

What we liked

  • The best thing about this best 140mm fans for radiator is the high static pressure LED feature. You are sure of sufficient air getting to the radiator and perfect cooling is guaranteed. The indicator will show whether it is working or not.
  • The cooling performance is indeed great. It is optimized in such a way it works very well for you. You can always use the product with confidence
  • It does not vibrate when it works because of the anti-vibration mounting system, which it features.
  • The wind blocker frame ensures that it works very well and dirty does not find its way through the radiator or your PC.

What we do not liked

  • The LED is dim and does not offer sufficient illumination.

Thermaltake Ring 14 High Static Pressure 140mm Circular LED Ring Case/Radiator Fan


  • It features a thermal image test result. It can deliver in terms of performance and outperforms standard case fans
  • It features a concentrated compression blade. The product is custom designed and meets the standard for high static pressure. It remains the best for radiators
  • Furthermore, it features wind blocker frame. The blade noise is minimized and it enhances the performance as well. It ensures that air does not escape from the system.
  • The product features hydraulic bearing and this makes for low noise. It is self-lubrication product and enhances the performance of the system. When it comes to noise level reduction, no other products can compare with this.
  • Furthermore, it makes for three years warranty. Manufacturers are sure of the quality and that is why they can allow for such lengthy warranty.

Thermaltake Ring 14 High Static Pressure 140mm Circular LED Ring Case/Radiator Fan is a high static pressure design fan. The cooling system is perfect and it works to your satisfaction. It is optimized to provide the best for the user. The product is also available in different colors and this implies that you can easily make your choice and stick to the choice. It is durable and does not allow dirt to the system. This is a reliable and one of the best electric radiator fans.

What we liked

  • The best thing you will like about the product is that the fans do not make noise. They are completely silent.
  • Furthermore, you like the fact that the best quiet fans for radiator can move plenty of air. It ensures perfect cooling of your system.
  • Furthermore, many users have rated it high for the affordable price despite the high-end features
  • It features a low noise adapter and this means that you can further reduce the noise during the installation process

What we do not liked

  • Some people are not happy with the design; they maintained that it is too rock.
  • The color is not the best and many people will prefer change in the color.

Noctua NF-A14 FLX – 3-Pin Premium Quiet Case Cooling Fan (140mm, Brown)


  • This best quiet radiator fans are popular and it has become the most popular choice because of the quality design.
  • It will guarantee a perfect airflow and makes less noise when it is operational. The most interesting thing is that it works very fast.
  • The best silent radiator fans have a suction side flow, as well as acceleration channel. The essence is to speed the airflow to provide perfect cooling to your system. It equally makes it efficient and reduces the noise level.
  • It features Noctua’s AAO. This is an anti-vibration pad. This is great because it enhances the fan performance and makes it very useful by providing efficient cooling.
  • In terms of speed the fan is the best you can get as it operates at variable speeds of 1200, and 1050 as well as 900 rpm. The most important thing to note here is that you can set the speed. It ensures maximum quietness when you use the system.
  • It is not difficult to install because it features an anti vibration pad. This makes it fully compatible to the place where it is to be mounted. It does not take time for the installation to be concluded.
  • The product guarantees smooth running and it removes all kinds of resistances when it runs. This means that you can hardly perceive the noise.

If you are looking for the best 140mm radiator fans today, you can try this product. It can hardly make any noise when it is in operation. This is because of wonderful features put in place to minimize the noise level and at the same time ensure the efficiency of the product.

What we liked

  • The fan has a big diameter that fits well into the PC. The diameter increases the rate of cooling.
  • The fan has superior motor quality. The motor quality allows the fan to work efficiently irrespective of the weather.
  • It comes with four mounting screws and a few extra. The four pins enable the fan to circulate air to the radiator quickly.
  • The fan has arrows that indicate the airflow making it easy to install. The installation process enables the customer to have a stress-free process.
  • It is self-contained and very silent.

Antec Two Cool 140mm Cooling fan

The Antec two cool is a simple yet effective fan in the market. The fan has high static pressure, which prompts a sufficient flow of air to cool the radiator. It has a large fan diameter of 140mm that provides a large surface area to increase cooling. It also has a high rotational speed that increases the quantity of air that enters the radiator. Do you desires speed and superior cooling for your radiator? Antec two is an excellent fan for you!


  • The fan has a high-performance index. The high performance is due to the 140mm fan diameter that provides efficient cooling.
  • The fan has two sets of blades. The blades ensure optimal performance by providing sufficient air to cool the radiator.
  • It has optional blue LED lighting that is mounted on its frame.
  • The fan also has arrows directing the airflow.

What we do not liked

  • The rattling noise produced by the fan is irritating to customers. Most customers prefer a silent fan with high speed.

You have seen the collection of radiator fans for gaming PC which all are best on the market you can buy with money. Moreover, from the features you have seen how to use them as well and features, benefits and cons. These are the best; you can make your choice based on the cost, your preferences, and other important considerations. “P.S. if you are an experienced PC user, why not start getting paid for your knowledge? Many companies are in need of sysadmins, developers, and many other technology specialists today.

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