Computer Fan or Power Supply Unit (PSU), PSU Fan called the ventilation for your computer case. The power supply unit is the most essential part of the entire PC. It provides power to all parts of the PC. Processor, motherboard, graphics card, fans, SSD, etc. all devices get ability from the PSU unit. So, without a PSU, your computer is dead. To power up everything, PSU might get hot. For this reason, PSU fan are installed with it so that it can cool down itself and other units as well.


While building a new PC, placing the PSU fan in the right direction is essential. It is essential to install the PSU in the right direction to cool down the inner components of the PC. It offers excellent ventilation and a long life to the power supply unit of your PC. 

So, why is it essential to install the PSU fan in the right direction?

Every PSU comes with a massive intake fan. The primary function of this fan is to intake air to cool down the whole unit. In this article, we will discuss why pointing the PSU fan in the right direction is essential. 

If you are a hardcore gamer and have to run your PC for a long time for the gaming session, you will need to take care of your PSU. If your CPU is producing too much heat, it is quite harmful to your PC. Even it can make your PC dead anytime soon. The only way to keep your PSU functional for a long time is by setting up the fan in the right direction. Misplacing the fan, you might heat all the units.

PSU is the most crucial part of your PC. If it doesn’t function properly, your PC will not turn on.

So, which way the PSU fan should be pointed?

The right set up of the PSU fan ensures an excellent airflow. Depending on your PC case, you will need to determine psu fan up or down should be installed. In the modern design of PSU, the fans are fitted in the downward of the case. However, the modern PC now generally also has grills which can help in the proper ventilation system. PC casing with grills allows the downward position of the fan of PSU. But if the PC casing doesn’t have any grill or vent, the fan of the PSU should be placed on the upward position. The fan should be facing the other components of the PC.

How to keep the casing of your PC?

There are a few things you should know to keep your PSU safe and sturdy. These are-

  1. If you are keeping the CPU case on the ground, there should be some space between the ground and the case. The fans inside the PSU should draw air from the outside to cool down the components inside the CPU. If you can accurately place the PSU unit, it can maintain the proper airflow and keep all the parts in good condition. 
  2. The CPU case should not be placed on a carpet. It should be on the hard floor and flat surface. Otherwise, it will draw a lot of dust from the ground. 
  3. Ensure proper breathing of your PC. With the appropriate ventilation system, you can ensure your PSU breathing properly. 

So, in order to keep your PC in good condition, you will need to install the PSU fan correctly. Side by side You need a good Radiator fans also if you running a cooler for your gaming rig so that you can continue the battle for long time in gaming.