call of duty

One of the most popular games right now is Call of Duty black ops 4 where you need a good gaming pc to play this high graphics game. If you think that you already have enough of it, wait until you see Call of Duty: Ghosts. This is the latest installment in the game and it has a lot of innovations that you will surely love. Of course, it will not totally steer from the original version that we have all learned to love. You will still be seeing certain things that you have enjoyed in the past. Based on the reactions of those who have already played the game, we are sure that you will be having the best game play experience that you have had in years.

 call of duty BO4

Here are some of the things that you will love about the game:

First, you will surely enjoy the way that you will be able to personalize the player. You will really feel like you are in the virtual world and that you are really the one doing all the stealth missions in the game. From the skills, weapons, costume, you have all the freedom that you need to make your character the best that there is. Playing will really be more personal this time.

The story line of the game is another thing that you have to see. We all know how thrilling Call of Duty is in terms of the story buy Ghosts has levelled it up to the point that you will be shocked with the twists and turns of the game. You will really be immersed into the story without realizing that you have already finished the game. It is very refreshing to see something new and at the same time, experience old elements from the previous games. The story will provide you with new opportunities and experiences that you have not seen before.

Needless to say, it would not be Call of Duty without the action of shooting, initiating strikes, and solving missions. You will be able to still form your own strategies and solve problems with your team. This time, there are more venues where you can showcase your wits and skills. More complex missions are available that will try to test your knowledge of the game. The versatility of the game will surely overwhelm you and you will be surprised that the game has evolved into something that you have not expected.

Another feature that you will surely enjoy is that you will get to play with bots or human beings. Right now, more and more games are becoming interactive and you will really feel that you are playing with siblings or best friends even if the other player is very far from you. You can make a lot of friends in this game while enjoying it on a whole new level. If you will read reviews, then you will see how satisfied people are with the new installment of Call of Duty. This should be first on your list this coming vacation or else you will be missing a lot.