best case fans

The fan is an integral part of any PC nowadays. It works as a breathing system for our PC. It circulates air inside and out and keeps the PC cool. Installing new best case fans on the PC is incredibly easy. Thanks to modern technology!

PC cooling fan comes with a lot of variations for different types of setting for the PC. These best case fans also vary depending on the casing of your PC. So, it is better to know the features of the cooling fans accurately before making a purchase. Apart from the appropriate fittings, you will need to consider a few things about the cooling fan of your PC. These things are discussed below-

  1. Right size: If your case allows, you should go for the bigger fans as these have some more positive features comparing to the smaller ones. The smaller fans tend to make more noise. As the motors of the tiny fans are also small, it can’t rotate so fast. So, before buying a particular fan, go for the pc case fan sizes of your case. 
  2. Fan Speed: Fan speed is an important thing to consider while getting one. The speed of the fan is rated with the RPM, which stands for revolutions per minute. Usually, fast fans can flow more air than the slower ones. But faster fan also makes more noise. However, you can control the fan speed with the fan controller. Some latest fans come with manual switches to control the speed.
  3. Air pressure of the fan: Cooling fans for PC comes in basically two types. One is for airflow, and another one is for static pressure. Fans with airflow pressure are suitable for the front part of your case. It is mainly used for the unrestricted area where the static pressure fans are more suitable for the restricted area. These are specially designed for pulling and pushing some extra air force.
  4. Other features: Modern computer cases come with different lighting and rgb options. These best rgb fans get power from the motor of the fan. 

The basics of cooling best case fans for PC

Best case fans work in a straightforward way. Different small parts and components work on our PC. This leads to keeping our PC heated. If you can’t cool down your PC, it can damage the hardware and performance of your PC eventually. Fans that are built in the front area of your PC are considered as the intake fans, which draw the cold air from your room and keep the machine cool. And the fans installed in the rear part of the PC are exhausted fans which send away the hot air produced from running different components of PC. 

best case fans

The inside part of the PC always remains warmer than the outside, and it is visible too. But you should be careful about choosing a room, especially a particular environment for your PC. You should not place your PC in hot weather. PC should not be placed on a carpeted floor as it can block the air. If you experience your PC is not getting cooler even after installing enough fans, you should switch your room or arrange an air cooler to keep your room cold. 

What should be the position of your best case fans?

  1. To get optimal airflow, you will need to make sure that you have placed the fan in the right direction, and it is flowing from the front to back and bottom to the top position. The modern PC cooling fans are made of keeping the right direction of the fan in mind. So, when you install the fan of your PC, you should either place it in the front or bottom position. However, you should not install an exhausted fan in the bottom direction. 
  2. While installing fans in your PC, you will need to work more on the cables and other things. It ensures better airflow inside your PC. It is better to place all the extended elements of your PC horizontally to get better airflow. A lot of cables might create trouble to get the right airflow. However, managing the cables properly, you can cool down your PC.
  3. You will need to balance the air pressure of different fans in your PC correctly. In positive airflow, generally, a large number of fans draw air into the PC, wherein negative airflow most of the fans blow air outside of PC. Equal pressure can be created when an equal number of fans blow air in and out. Now, directing the fans in different air pressure, you can balance the air pressure of fans. 

So, you have to pick up the right best PC case fans for your PC focusing on the above things. We have some best radiator fans collection for you PC case fan to give more cooling in your gaming Rig, Check it out.